Wirecraft web-sites in Japan

(Japanese language sites, but you will enjoy to see the images in each of them.)

Harigane-zaiku YAOUO
Tasuku Go-da shows us his artistic wire works in the beautiful photographs.

Webmaster wrote one of his essays about the days that he made and selled wirecraft goods on the street in Shinjuku when he was a student.

Miwako Masuda is a textile designer and an illustrator who draws fantastic world like a fairy tale. Also, she makes abstract sculptures with mystic aura from wire.

Stationery and jewelry - ring, blacelet, anklet, pias, etc... - made from wire combined with beads. Goods are available to buy from this web-site.

Selling wirecraft-homewares which are also intended to be used of interior decoration.

Blue Craft
A craftman whose nick name is "Lute" participate the art-events in Kyusyu district very actively.His work is lively and has presence.

Atelier RITZ
This is the website of Atelier RITZ which carries out participating exhibitions, and is opening the classroom of a wire craft. There is also a work which combined aromatherapy and the wire craft.

Naomi Yogo is known to Japanese people liking handicrafts through a TV program and an articles of magazines. She wrote several books relating to wire work.
She teaches people a wire work in a lecture performed in various places.
She who is from University of Arts produces an artistic wire work as well as the home miscellaneous goods which housewives make willingly.


Calder Foundation
This is a site about Alexander Calder who was one of great artists in 20century.He is also well known by his wire sculptures.

This is a site about a book "Wire Magic"written by Michael Ball. The contents are an outline of wirework, a guide to tools and equipment, making a few articles, and introduction of the artists in the world.(English, Japanese)

This is the web-site where wirecraft artists of South Korea are performing information exchange on bulletin boards.(Korean)

Tree Sculpture by Sal Villano
The site of Sal Villano who makes wire sculpture of tree. Including expression to which a branch seems to rustle in a wind, his trees are felt as if they were actually alive. There are some which used the Japanese potted plant as the motif.

Page Wire Lady Elizabeth Berrien
World Class Wire Sculpture by Elizabeth Berrien.She makes wire sculpture using only her bare hands and a pair of wire cutters.Twisting, stranding and splicing in countless additional wires, she creates a 3-dimensional line drawing, following the muscle, bone and feather patterns that best represent an animal's inner essence.

Wired 4 Art
You'll be able to see warmful wire sculptures and animation of Kate de Jude in this site.
Jean Power,a beader based in London,shows her delicately beadwork.


Kurt Jackson -Cornwall painter, nature, environment, landscape artist
Kurt Jackson is one of Britain's leading painters. His environment and nature painting embraces a wide range of materials and techniques. He is most famous for his paintings of the Cornwall landscape but has painted in Scotland, Ireland and further afield.